Will my website design be a big part of my website success?

Do not think of your website design as simply an aesthetic and functional feature. Rather, the overall design and navigation of the website will determine a large part of its success in terms of creating an enjoyable user experience for visitors. One must also consider the cutthroat nature of websites today in that your competitors are in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Therefore the design must be modern, responsive and optimised for search engines, desktop and mobile devices. Your chosen website designer should know, understand and preach this in equal spades.

 Does this website designer have a good professional reputation?

Check to see if your prospective designer(s) have a portfolio and previous client database to their name. If they do not, this is an immediate red flag – how can they prove that they are up to scratch? Their portfolio should be littered with positive testimonials from past clients which illustrate how professional the designer/design agency have been to deal with and also how the website has worked out for the client. This shows what type of person/people you will be dealing with during the long website design process. If they explain their outcome measures and KPIs for their designs and builds, this is a great trait which shows that they take their job seriously and understand the importance of their work.

What support options do they offer?

Websites are robust and sprawling online platforms that give your business a visible online presence. When they are designed properly they should not be riddled with mistakes. However, this is not to say that problems will never arise. Would you know how to back up your website for example? A good website design or design agency should offer a period of free support after your website goes live to deal with any bugs and issues that arise – anything between two weeks to one month should be expected. Following on from this period, will they offer any free elements of support, will they charge per the hour or will they have support packages that you can avail of? This is an important area to be transparent on as you will need to know where you stand when it comes to the longevity and maintenance of your business website.

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