Becoming a master at Facebook marketing is definitely a must for any Waterford business who wants to succeed. 

Facebook has a huge number of users and approximately 2.4 billion people log on and use it every single month. 

People interact with all kinds of businesses on Facebook whether they’re big or small. Two-thirds of Facebook users even say that they visit local businesses on Facebook at least once a week. 

This makes Facebook marketing an incredibly important tool to be able to use. 

Your potential customers are out there already looking for businesses like yours on Facebook. 

They’re looking for local, Waterford businesses to support and follow on the social media platform. 

Having a clear Facebook marketing strategy is one of the keys to success online. This is why we’re here today to talk to you about 6 ways you can promote your Waterford business on Facebook.

Post with intent

It’s important for you as a small Waterford business to be mindful about what you’re posting. Be careful about how you’re communicating with your audience and really think about the strategy behind what you’re typing.

You can’t just post things on Facebook and hope your audience interacts and likes it. If you post on your social media without any planned intention your posts aren’t going to do very well. You should always post with intent and decide what you want to do with the post beforehand.

You can use Facebook Insights as a way to determine which posts work and what kind of content your audience likes to see. From here you can plan out more posts and continue to post with real intent.

Your Facebook posts should play into your larger online strategy – link back to your website, promote products, highlight charity work, and show off your company’s personality.

Don’t post without a content calendar

If you want your content to work effectively then you’re going to have to implement a detailed content calendar for your Facebook marketing.

A content calendar is one of the most effective ways to make the most out of your Facebook posts. It also reduces the amount of time you or your team has to spend on actually creating your Facebook posts too.

You can put together a content calendar by planning your content out one post at a time and noting down when you should post them. You can then create batches of updates and pre-load them to publish at set times and dates.

You should still monitor your posts and continue to engage with comments and questions but you won’t have to worry about coming up with posts on the spot or last minute.

Optimise your tabs

Tabs are basically the navigation bar for Facebook business pages and it’s important that you keep your tabs neat and organised. This will improve the usability of your page, making it easier for your audience to find what they’re looking for.

By optimising your tabs and reworking their hierarchy you’ll be able to arrange them to suit your business. You can remove ones you don’t need, so your user has a more comfortable experience on your page and can easily find what they’re looking for.

If you’re a restaurant or a service-based industry for example you should make sure that your review tab is always turned on. Reviews are a huge part of improving your brand image so you wouldn’t want to miss out on getting them.

If you’re promoting an event, hiring a new employee, or showing off a new product then make sure these tabs are also turned on so your visitors can view the info you need to promote.

These are all small tweaks that you can make to your Facebook business page that can really make or break your user experience if overlooked.

Post to your Facebook story

Facebook stories are perfect for making your Facebook business page a more casual environment. They’re great for engaging with your audience and getting them to feel closer to your business.

They don’t necessarily need to have company-specific news or be highlighting a new product. A story post can be anything like a fun question for your audience or a link to an interesting article you just read. They’re great for keeping your audience engaged and for helping them get to know you a bit better.

Posting to your story doesn’t require a lot of work either and the content posted here is usually very casual. These story posts often give users the feeling of being behind the scenes, especially if you show them pictures from your backroom, your shop or your office.

Popular Facebook story ideas include:

  • Employee Q&As
  • Studio/shop tours
  • Product reveals
  • Live streams
  • Tutorials

Create saved audiences

Saved audiences are a handy tool you can use with Facebook Ads. They’re essentially a pre-saved audience you create, so each time you want to post a new ad campaign with Facebook Ads you can target them directly.

Unlike custom audiences where you configure your audience each time you create an ad, saved audiences allow you to create audiences that you can use each time you start an ad campaign.

This is a handy tool to have if you decide you want to target similar audiences every time you post an ad or boost a post. If you start creating more ads and boost posts regularly having a saved audience ready to go will help save you a lot of time.

Don’t forget to test ad placements

Ad placement is definitely an important part of Facebook Ads different placements will perform differently for your audience.

Every business is different so play around with the positioning of your advert to see what your audience goes for and engages with.

For example, the right-hand side ads might be a bit cheaper than newsfeed ads but you might not get as many clicks or conversions.

At Whelan Web Design, we love helping local Waterford businesses grow their brand and their presence online. If you’d like to talk about how to improve your company’s social media marketing get in touch with our team today.

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