One Page Websites

A one page website is a website that continues on a single page and does not have any extra pages to click into. As such, all of the website information is available in one place for users to explore. This has both positive and negative aspects which we take a look at here. With this, you can see if a one page website would suit you and your business.

Positive Attributes

As everything is on a single page, you can control the user journey by laying out your desired content from start to finish i.e. what you want visitors to first interact with at the start of the page and what you want them to see last at the bottom of the page. With this controlled flow, you can curate both the first impression and the lasting impression that your website makes. One page websites arguably render well on mobile devices too because navigation-wise the user only has to scroll up and down instead of having to tap to open new pages and content. As this single space forms the crux of your website, all of your branding will be housed here. Studies have shown that conversions are 20% more likely to occur on one page websites and this is something which the aforementioned positive attributes may account for.

Negative Drawbacks

As your entire website content is housed on one page, this means that it all has to load to generate the single page (i.e. your website). Due to this, it can understandably take that bit longer to load a one page website. The single paged nature affects both Google Analytics and SEO. Analytics cannot show you where your website visitors navigate to so instead you have to rely on studying how long they spend on your website to ascertain how much content they may have interacted with. Heatmaps may work better in this regard. In terms of SEO, a website with multiple pages has multiple opportunities to target different keywords per page whereas a one page website has a single opportunity (with a single page) to target a keyword/term.

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