It’s really amazing how things can change so quickly. In a matter of weeks, everything in our little corner of the world was so different. But, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to help protect your business from the current crisis.

A lot of businesses have been greatly impacted by the pandemic and some are even struggling to continue on with their operations.

Everybody is facing a great deal of uncertainty in these tough times and nobody is quite sure how everything is going to pan out at the end of it.

But, there is always hope and there is always a way to turn things around.

Embrace the digital world

If you run a brick and mortar store then you can turn to the online world and continue to run your business through an eCommerce website.

With an eCommerce site, you can continue to sell and expand your business online and still deliver your products to the local community, the rest of Ireland – even internationally if you want to.

During the current coronavirus pandemic, you can get a 90-day free trial with Shopify to keep your business going.

Restaurants have really been hit hard over the past weeks but there is still a way for them to push through and continue their business in the local community too. By switching all your orders to online and curbside pick up/home delivery you can still provide customers with delicious food and keep your business afloat.

Your restaurant itself might be closed but this doesn’t mean you have to shut up shop entirely.

Ask yourself – what can I help people with online?

Bar owners are creating online cocktail making videos to share with their customers and personal trainers are creating online courses and fitness classes for people to join.

There are a lot of options out there now that we have the internet on our side and with everybody stuck at home the demand for online media and services is only getting bigger.

Don’t lose hope

You’ve spent years building your business from the ground up and this is no time to give up on it.

As soon as you make the decision to give up on your business then there won’t be any turning back.

But, staying calm and collected during a time of crisis isn’t just good for your own mindset, it’s also good for your customers. If they see you staying strong during this pandemic then they’re going to feel safe and secure whilst doing business with you.

Like we said above, people are constantly on the internet now that they have nothing better to do while stuck at home so keep your business on their minds by engaging with them more online. There’s more to online promotion than paid ads.

You can do this by:

  • Posting relevant content on your social media accounts
  • Sending discounts and vouchers to previous customers
  • Offering free shipping on orders for a short period of time
  • Hosting giveaways and raffles on your social media
  • Talking to your customers and answering their questions or concerns

Retain your current customers

It’s way easier to keep your current customers supporting your business then it is to try and attract new ones.

It’s also a lot cheaper – which is a huge benefit in the current situation.

When you market your business try and aim promotions towards those who’ve already made a purchase with you before or enquired about your services.

If they enjoyed the experience they had with you then they’re more likely to want to engage with you again.

You can get the attention of these customers by sending them out personalised emails with items that are related to the ones they previously purchased. You can also send them out specialised vouchers, discounts, or offers of free shipping on their next order.

If you are investing in online advertising, make sure to implement retargeting ads. Retargeting ads are shown to people that have already visited your website in the past and have a higher conversion rate than other ad types.

Don’t drop your prices

Just because the economy is going through a rough patch does not mean you have to drop your prices.

No matter how tempting it is, dropping your prices is a bad idea. Sure people don’t have a lot of money to spare right now but this doesn’t mean you have to lower the prices of your products.

Instead of reducing the price tag of what you’re selling, consider increasing its value.

The best way to do this is by simply showing your audience that your products or your services are the best in the industry.

Show off your USP (unique selling point) and flaunt it on social media where your customers are hanging out.

Post testimonials from previous customers detailing how your business helped improve their lives.

People will pay more for things they deem more valuable.

If you want to help your business stay on top during this time of crisis then we can help get your business noticed online.

Get in touch with us today and let’s get you back on track.

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