Seek out their Social Sphere

Examine all of their social channels and try and discover trends with their social output. If you notice that sales that are held on weekends only as opposed to weekdays seem to get more comments, likes and shares etc.; perhaps this shows that your industry and target audience(s) are more active on weekends. You can also learn from any negative feedback to ensure that you do not make the same mistake. See what gets customers and clients talking, what they respond to and what they do not to get a broader understanding of the people that you are targeting your business to.

Pounce on Peerless Keywords

Search online for some common search terms that both your and your competitor’s business’ would rank for. Next, search for some more offbeat terms that are applicable to the businesses. So if you both have a printing business, you may both appear online for a search for ‘business cards’ but perhaps the competition is not as visible for searches such as ‘wall decals’ and ‘brochures’. If you find this to be the case, it means that you have discovered keywords with little competition attached to them. With this then, you can create ad campaigns and content around them to establish yourself as a pioneer and leader in these areas and therefore appealing to broader customer base.

Become Your Competition’s Customer

Take a break from sleuthing and actually become a customer of one of your competitors to physically experience what they are offering. Purchase and examine their products or evaluate their services yourself. What are they doing different to you that is a draw to customers? Perhaps you will be underwhelmed and instead discover that you offer a much better (unbiased) offering. This will show you that you need to advertise and promote your USP more as your competition will not be able to if you offer things that they cannot.

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