What is Curated Content?

When it comes to your website, curated content includes the content that you make to attract and retain your target audience. This can include text content like blogs and articles and also images, graphics, videos and downloads. Curated content gets its name because all of these content types should be made with your target audience in mind. If yours is a football-centric website for example, your video content would most likely consist of football match highlights and goals and not basketball footage.

How is Curated Content Useful to me?

It is useful because it can retain your website visitors and even convert the casual visitor into a loyal customer. If a visitor enters your website via a Google Ad in relation to a sale you are having on formal suits, once on your website they may discover other content relevant to them. For example they may be interested in purchasing a suit but once they arrive onto your website they discover that you also sell ties and belts and have a great blog in relation to suit styles and occasions to wear formal suiting. So even though they only entered your website out of curiosity upon seeing your ad, you greatly improve their chances of staying and converting by having relevant curated content for them to explore.

What are Some Examples of Curated Content?

As mentioned above, curated content is content that is relevant to both your business and the intended customers of your business. It should appeal to them by relating to their interests and their reasoning into browsing on your website. As such, if you naturally create this correct type of content for your website, you already have curated content. Think of this like shopping in a physical store. You may enter the store with the intention of buying a tin of paint, but it is quite likely that you may also purchase some paint brushes/rollers and maybe even some tester pots of paint if they are positioned nearby to the paint that you originally went to buy.

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